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İşbank Multinational Banking

Remaining as the customers’ preferred choice in corporate banking in Turkey, İşbank delivers custom-tailored services and financing solutions, designed to cater to the given sector’s needs, to local corporate companies and large multinational companies.

İşbank offers service to its corporate banking customers at 10 dedicated corporate branches and at its Multinationals’ Branch designed to serve exclusively foreign capital companies.

İşbank supports Multinational Companies having operations in Turkey in line with its identity being a solution partner. Thanks to its know-how working with foreign capital companies, with its presence in 11 foreign countries, its extensive domestic branch network and customer base and its innovative solutions as a leading bank in digitalization age, İşbank is prefered by many Multinational Companies.

Why should a Multinational Corporate work with a local bank ?

İşbank, Turkey's leading and largest private bank allows MNCs the following advantages:

Depending on the size of the company, İşbank provides services to its customers in different types of branches such as corporate, commercial or retail branches. Regardless of the branch type, centralized service is provided in all branches and customer satisfaction is the top priority.
Although new established foreign-capital companies making investments in Turkey do not have a strong balance sheet yet, unlike other banks, the initial approach of the Multinationals' Branch is taking the future projections in Turkey or the size of its mother company into account thanks to its many years of experience in working with foreign capital companies.

Additionally, here are some of the advantages that companies operating in Turkey for a longer period of time:

Companies that invest or trade in a country other than their home country can experience the advantage of working with the mutual bank with their suppliers, dealers or customers in their ecosystem. Most probably, the large part of your retailers, dealers, vendors or clients are customer of İşbank, the leader among private banks also in terms of loans, deposits, shareholders' equity.
Having a mission to support the economy ever since its incorporation, İşbank's experience in the commercial field, its knowledge of the local market and market related business models create an advantage for Multinational Companies in the geography where they do business.
Another advantage for MNC's working with a local bank is numerous privileges provided for employees in connection with salary agreements. The extensive branch network and the number of ATMs is also a plus for MNCs employees.
With its leading position in loans, its reputation and experience in non-cash loans, its sustainability-compatible approaches in lending and its leadership in digital banking, İşbank is a solution partner preferred by both local companies and MNCs.

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​Turkey’s largest private bank, İşbank, offers many advantages for your employees with its countrywide extensive branch and ATM network and İşcep, transforming traditional Banking experience with new and innovative features.​

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