Payment Solutions for Multinational Corporates


MT101 is a form of payment that allows your payments to be sent to your payees in other banks both domestic and abroad in a fast and secure manner with the internationally accepted Swift Channel in its standard format.

MT101 is especially preferred by our multinational customers. Payment orders are sent to Banks via MT-101 message in order to centralize treasury transactions.

Since our Bank is also a member of SCORE in addition to SWIFT, orders can be received via SWIFT with an intermediary bank or via SCORE from customers' own BIC addresses.

MT 101 instructions are accepted by our Bank in both FIN and Fileact formats. Money transfers, EFT, cash and cash-against-goods imports and foreign exchange transfers are completed with the Cash Management File Automation system without any employee interference.

Advantages Provided to Your Company

Provides access to all banks that are members of Swift
Since the Swift message is a payment order, no written order or approval is required.
Provides centralization of your global parent company through Swift membership
Increases the operational efficiency of your company with fast, safe and standard flow


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