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Making Article Use of Savings


​Private Pension System is an advantageous investment system that converts savings into income by planning for the future today. Contributions are directed to pension funds which are managed by professional asset management companies while the system is supported with tax incentives and supervised by the public authorities.

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​​All real persons who possess the capacity to exercise civil rights according to Turkish Civil Law are eligible to participate in the Private Pension System. The participant is eligible for retirement at the age of 56 after having paid contributions at least for 10 years.​​

​​Contributions are directed to investment through pension funds of your preference and managed by professional asset managers of İş Asset Management. The only thing that you should do in the beginning of your Private Pension Account is to choose pension funds in which your savings will be invested.​​

​How can you direct a certain amount of your paid income tax into investment?

Private Pension System provides tax incentives to reduce taxable income. All contributions are tax deductible up to 10% of taxable income with a cap of annual minimum wage.

Example 1:

Tax Advantage for Wage Workers​
Monthly Gross Wage
1.000 ​TL
Monthly Maximum Annuity Amount to Be Reduced From Tax Assessment 
(Gross wage x 0.10)
100 ​TL
Annual Maximum Annuity Amount to Be Reduced From Tax
Assessment Annual Total Amount of Gross Minimum Wage
New Income Tax Assessment
1.000 TL
 (100) TL
  900 TL
​Tax Profit
​100 TL x Income Tax Rate

Example 2:

Tax Advantage for Ones Submitting Annual Return
Annual Declared Income
50.000 ​TL
Monthly Maximum Annuity Amount to Be Reduced From Tax Assessment 
5.000 ​TL
Annual Maximum Annuity Amount to Be Reduced From Tax Assessment
Assessment Annual Total Amount of Gross Minimum Wage
​​Annual Maximum Annuity Amount to Be Reduced From Tax Assessment*
Assessment Annual Total Amount of Gross Minimum Wage
New Income Tax Assessment
 50.000 TL
  (5.000) TL
  45.000 TL
​Annual Tax Profit
5.000 TL x Income Tax Rate

* Minimum value is taken into consideration.

Return on the pension mutual funds is not subject to taxation during fund operation period. In other words, no taxation is applied to the profits earned thanks to pension mutual funds while taxation at the rate of 10-15% is applied to incomes gained by selling or holding of securities and other capital means; as well as to profits from bonds, security bills, deposit interests, repo incomes and profits gained from private financial institutions.

0, 25 % MaxiPoint is bonus for the Payments made by Maximum Card!

Contribution payments made with Maximum Card, are rewarded with MaxiPoint in exchange for 0, 25% of payment amount.

You can make your contribution payments without spending your time and energy via an order to be given to Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik and gain 0, 25% MaxiPoint.

Transparency and Security of Private Pension System

Product introduction and sales are performed by Certified Private Pension Intermediaries whose professional knowledge and skills are examined by Private Pension Intermediaries Test and kept update by periodical training programs.

Activities carried out by pension companies and asset management companies and pension mutual funds are subject to auditing by

Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury
Pension Monitoring Center
Capital Market Board
Actuarial Auditing
Independent External AuditingInternal Auditing
Security of investments is ensured by the active control mechanism installed in the system.

Private Pension Accounts are preserved in Settlement and Custody Bank. You can follow your daily fund shares via these accounts.

Free Health Counseling and Emergency Ambulance Service

24 hours of free health counseling and emergency ambulance services are provided for our customers who have Private Pension Account in Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik. All expenses are covered by Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik. Furthermore, discounts are made for the payments to be made to contracted health institutions.

20% discount is provided for our customers in case they benefit from ambulance service in nonemergency cases and for their next-of-kin in all nonemergency/emergency cases.

Participant Rights

If you change your mind after purchasing our product, you can withdraw within 30 days following the signature date of the proposal form with a full money back guarantee plus fund earnings. You are not considered to enter into system in this case.

You decide the pension funds that your savings will be invested. You can either choose the fund allocation from the options table prepared by investment advisors or customize your own fund allocation.

You can change your pension plan at most for 4 times and your fund allocation at most 6 times a year.

You can suspend paying contribution. Within this period, your savings will continue to be invested in pension funds.

You can monitor your savings daily and demand to be informed regularly.

You can leave the system at any time or transfer your savings to another pension company providing that one year has passed from the effective date of the pension contract. You can also, merge your accounts in the same company or different companies.

You can assign your legal heirs or people that you will decide on your own as beneficiary.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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