Maximum Company Credit Card

​You can use Visa Maximum Company Credit Card on behalf of your company’s payments both in Turkey and abroad.​

You can use your Maximum Company Credit Card on behalf of your company’s travel, accommodation, representation, entertainment and other company expenditures both at home and abroad.
You can gain MaxiPoints with your Maximum Company Credit Card expenditures and you can instantly use your points in Maximum member merchants.
If you like, you can delay your remaining purchase amount by just paying the minimum rate of 20% and then you can pay it easily.• You can give automatic payment order to pay your credit card debts.
You can follow your information related to credit card usage via our Commercial Internet Branch and you can perform credit card repayment transactions.
Your expenditures in abroad can be conducted by related country’s currency. Your expenditures are reflected to your card in TRY and you can pay your debt in TRY.
If your card is lost or stolen while you are in abroad, you can use cash advance by informing a VISA center about the situation. Moreover, your card is renewed within 48 hours.
Payment due date is determined as 10 calendar day after statement date. When the maturity date in question is coincide with a holiday, it is the first workday following the 10th day.         
​In order to have a Maximum Company Credit Card, you can fill the application form by visiting our nearest branch.​


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