Multinationals' Branch

Multinationals' Branch

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​A specialized branch from İşbank to make multinational companies feel at home.

Multinationals’ Branch, domiciled in Istanbul, specially designed to provide services with the needs of multinational companies who are interested in investing in Turkey. This groundbreaking branch is to be supported by an exclusively founded Head Office unit. The branch and Head Office unit are dedicated to helping investors successfully develop their business operations in Turkey.
The Multinationals’ Branch is remarkable in the Turkish banking industry, that has been contemplated to be an integral component of İşbank’s sustainable strategy of being a thoroughly customer oriented bank.

İşbank’s following special services will offer advantages to the multinationals;

Full-fledged banking products and services such as domestic and international payments, treasury, cash management, foreign trade, letter of guarantee, internet banking, etc. as well as tailor-made banking solutions in accordance with customers’ needs with products developed through İşbank’s expertise.
Highest quality banking service by our all-multilingual colleagues along with an apprehension of doing business with multinationals.
Backing up of the multinational clientele via İşbank’s in-depth market information database regarding the country in a strategy building sense.​

For your enquiries please contact us via :



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