Gold Deposit Account

​By means of the Current Gold Account you get the opportunity to invest in gold without incurring the risk of theft or loss.

Term Gold Deposit Account

​​​You will be twice the winner by means of a Term Gold Deposit account that would ensure your savings are worth the gold they are invested in. 

Regular Gold Buying Order

​You can make regular gold savings for yourselves, your friends or your relatives by giving order once via Internet or our branches.​

Gold Days at Branches

​You can bring your gold and gold jewelry to the Gold Days of İşbank arranged at branches and have the value of your gold appraised by experts deposited to your Gold Deposit Account. ​

İş Asset Management Gold Fund (822)

​At least 80% of the Fund's portfolio is constantly invested in gold or in other capital market instruments of which gold is the underlying asset.​


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