Regular Gold Buying Order

You can make regular gold savings for yourselves, your friends or your relatives by giving order once via Internet or our branches.

You can give regular gold purchase orders via either “İşBank's credit card” or “current TL account”.

Regular Gold Purchase With Our Bank Credit Card:
You can give regular gold purchase order via your credit card for yourselves, your relatives or friends.

Regular purchase orders via your credit cards will be performed on a condition that your card limit is available for the transaction on the statement date and gold amount equaling to your order amount will be transferred to relevant gold account on the final date of payment.

Regular purchase order given via your credit card will be cancelled from the order date to statement date.

Regular Gold Purchase Via the Account:
You can give regular purchase order for different days via your drawing account for yourselves, your relatives or friends.

Only one order can be given on the same day. Your order will be executed on a condition that there is enough balance in your account to meet the order amount. Order amount will not be debited to your overdraft account and partial purchase transaction will not be possible.

Order cancellation can be made until the transaction is executed on regular gold purchase order date.

The minimum limit for the orders given both drawing account and credit cards is 1.200 TRY.

To Give Order:
You can give orders at the nearest branch to you or via our Internet Branch.

For Detailed Information:
You can reach detailed information about regular gold purchase via our branches and via Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724.

* In case the order date is a weekend day or a legal holiday, the order amount will be received from your account on the following work day of the order date.

** Minimum regular gold purchase amounts will be changed by Bank within the framework of current market conditions.


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