İşbank is a constituent of BIST Sustainability Index, which is composed of companies quoted at BIST with high corporate sustainability performances. 

​İşbank (Bank) sees sustainability approach as a way of adding value to society, and owns a strategy which is built on multi-layered targets such as creating economic value through its banking activities, developing products and services that will meet the customers' needs and expectations, training qualified human resources that will match the needs of the financial sector and developing corporate social responsibility projects which are focused on long-term goals. 

Our Approach

​“Bank, has acted with social responsibility since the date of its foundation and assumed the mission of leaving a habitable world to future generations, by taking into account the public interest in performing its activities.”

Our Policies

​Our Bank, restructured its sustainability activities that have been executed for many years in a methodical approach that combines environmental, social, ethical principles and corporate governance dimensions.​

Our Organization

​The Bank shapes and organizes all of its activities as well as its organizational structure and human resources within the framework of sustainability approach that is in accordance with the sustainability goals.​

Our Reports

Our activities and performance regarding sustainability are also revealed in our reports. In addition to the sustainability reports we made until 2018, the integrated reports we started to publish as of the relevant year can be accessed under this section.

Environmental and Social Impacts

Isbank has always given utmost importance to incorporate environmental and social impacts of projects as a high priority issue in financing process.

Our Processes

​Every process has its own qualitative and quantitative sustainability goals and objectives.​

Contact Us

​Contact Information​


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