Our Approach

​We focus on sharable and sustainable value creation with our business model, which we define as “İşbank Banking”.

Our Organization

​We have structured our sustainability efforts, which we have been carrying out for many years, with a methodical approach that adresses environmental, social and governance aspects together.

Our policies

​You can find the policies that reveal İşbank's sustainability approach here.

Sustainability Milestones

​Milestones of our sustainability journey

Responsible Banking

We support green and sustainable development by providing financing for the transition to a low-carbon economy with renewable energy, energy efficiency projects and resource efficiency. We constantly increase our financial inclusion with accessible services for everyone both through our extensive physical service network and digital service channels.

Responsible Products and Services

We develop product and services that include all segments of society and the economy. Developing products, which are easy to understand and support saving awareness, by taking into account the different life stages, economic needs and sectoral requirements of our customers, is the basis of İşbank's responsible product and service offering.​

Our Reports

Every year, we disclose our environmental, social, governance and financial performance with our stakeholders via reports which are publicly available.

Memberships and Initiatives

​We attach importance to develop collaborations with national and international initiatives that will carry our sustainability performance to higher levels.

Ratings and Indices

​We consider ESG indices and rating scores as an indication of the sustainability performance of our Bank, and take them as important feedback that reveal our development areas.


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