Our Approach

İşbank formulates all of its strategic decisions and business processes with an integrated and long-reaching perspective. The Bank calls its business model "İşbank Banking", which focuses on producing sharable and sustainable value.

Our Policies

You can find the policies that reveal İşbank's sustainability approach here.

Our Organization

İşbank has restructured its sustainability activities, which it has been conducting for many years, with a methodical approach that addresses the environmental, social and governance dimensions together.

Our Reports

İşbank carries out reporting activities in different channels for diverse stakeholder groups throughout the year as required by transparency and accountability principles. You can find our sustainability reports here.

Environmental and Social Impacts

At İşbank, a roadmap is created to limit and eliminate possible environmental and social risks of the investments by including environmental and social impacts in credit evaluation processes.

Contact Us

For your questions, comments and recommendations regarding the practices of İşbank in sustainability:

E-mail Address:


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