Corporate Governance

Resolutions Made at the Annual General Meeting

​At İşbank's General Meeting held on March 31st, 2021, in Istanbul, the following issues have been resolved​.

Policy For Combating Financial Crimes And Sanctions

​İşbank's Policy For Combating Financial Crimes And Sanctions​

Compliance Risk Management

​​İşbank's Compliance Risk Management Policy​

Patriot Act Certification

​Certification Regarding Correspondent Accounts for Foreign Banks​

Corporate Governance Compliance Report

​İşbank's Corporate Governance Compliance Report

Corporate Governance Information Form

​​İşbank's​ Corporate Governance Information Form​

Dividend Distribution Policy

​İşbank’s principles of dividend distribution are set by article 58 of the Articles of Incorporation.​

Ethical Principles

İşbank has adopted the ethical principles set by the Banks Association of Turkey in the year 2001 and has had its activities done in compliance with the Code of Banking Ethics ever since.​

Disclosure Policy

​İşbank's Disclosure Policy aims to submit the required information and disclosures to the stakeholders within the framework of related regulations.​

Internal Directive

​Internal Directive on the Principles and Procedures of Operation of the General Assembly of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.​

Remuneration Policy

​Remuneration Policy​


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