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Bank, which was established in year 1924 with the aim to support the economic development of Turkish Republic, has acted with social responsibility since the date of its foundation and assumed the mission of leaving a habitable world to future generations, by taking into account the public interest in performing its activities. With this awareness, supporting economic development by taking into account its environmental, social and governance dimensions has always been among the priorities of the Bank.

With the Sustainability Management System, İşbank has established a structure, where the Bank interpreted sustainability as a form of doing business that is internalized within the institution, that is traceable, developable and integrated with the everyday activities. The Bank, shapes and organizes all of its activities as well as its organizational structure and human resources within the framework of sustainability approach that is in accordance with the sustainability goals.

In this context, the Bank has taken pioneering steps towards establishing a sustainability management system and prepared Sustainability Policies that includes topics like environmental and social impacts, human rights and human resources, anti-bribery and anti-corruption and supplier management.​

1. Takes into account the environmental and social impacts of the activities performed. 

2. Commits to play an active role in transition to a low-carbon economy and responds to the demands of public on the axis of sustainability in new product development processes. 

3. Aims to create a contemporary work environment, where human rights are respected and social justice and working rights are improved continuously, and by this means to increase the awareness and consciousness of its stakeholders. 

4. Refuses all kinds of discrimination which violate the principle of equal opportunity, differentiate, exclude or select people on the basis of gender, religion, political opinion, race, cultural or social origin. It regards diversity in work force as one of the main components of its intellectual capital. 

5. Respects the right to unionization and collective bargaining and plays a pioneering role in making the use of this right widespread. 

6. Adopts an approach based on fair sharing of the values it creates and accumulates with its shareholders, clients, employees and other stakeholders. 

7. Supports a just rewarding approach covering a collective working culture that is in harmony with its ethical values and strategic targets and taking into account the contribution of employees to its success. 

8. Commits to train the qualified work force that is required for all management and specialist positions at different levels, on the basis of equal opportunity. 

9. Regards its clients as the reason of its existence and always adopts a customer-focused business approach. 

10. Never tolerates bribery and corruption and heavily penalizes these kinds of acts. 

11. Organizes trainings with the aim of raising employee awareness on internalizing and managing sustainability. 

12. Carries out supplier selection process in line with commercial practices in a fair, honest and unbiased manner. Performs purchasing and supplying transactions according to the Procurement Policy, taking into account the elements such as professionalism, product/service quality, durability, reliability and price. 

13. Adopts medium and long term strategies considering the rights and benefits of clients as well as public interest. 

14. Adopts continuous improvement and regular sharing of sustainability practices with its stakeholders as a principle. 

15. Employees or those representing the Bank shall not, directly or indirectly, demand or accept gifts from clients in violation of the provisions of the Bank’s Gifts and Entertainment Policy or shall not perform acts that may be interpreted as such. ​


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