House Loan

Fixed ınstalment

Housing Loan Specific to Expatriates

If you would like to have fixed monthly installments for the whole loan term, Fixed installment payment is what you are looking for.

You can take out Mortgage for all housings within the border of Municipality, which have deed as residential property and minimum 75 % of which completion is assigned by survey reports.

Please contact us via 444 2468 or meet with us at our Branches  to apply for a mortgage and to get detailed information.

​If you are of the opinion that you liked what you saw and now want a part of it then you might be in need of a “Housing Loan Specific to Foreigners”…

Foreign nationals residing in Turkey, who would like to own a house for residential or investment purposes, can now benefit from İşbank’s extensive housing loan product range. Foreign national customers residing in Turkey choosing to take advantage of İşbank’s Housing Loans Specific to Foreigners can now borrow the loan expenses under suitable conditions if they desire to do so.

If you wish, you can prepare a samp​le payment plan by using our interest rates​ or take advantage of a housing loan under a payment plan that is most suitable for you by visiting one of our branches that is nearest to you.

İşbank, your partner in acquiring your new home; Today, tomorrow, always…


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