Private Banking

​A Strong and Reliable Partnership That Last For Years…​

In our private Banking Branches we offer service with our qualified and expert staff to meet your expectations about differentiating financial products and service demands at high standards.

For a comprehensive and relationship-based partnership you can visit and get more detailed information about the privileged world of “Privia” and İşbank Private Banking services.

Asset Management

​You can have access to all kinds of financial markets and products through our specialized branches that are positioned as investment centers, and also benefit from İş Asset Management’s and İş Investment’s technical experience and professional support.​

Privia Credit Card

​With your Privia Credit Card, which has been carefully designed for making our private banking customers’ life easier, you can get advantageous flight tickets, travel services and benefit from priviledges such as assistance and concierge services.​

Privia Products and Services

​By the help of our highly qualified Private Banking customer relationship managers; you can take advantage of many privileged products and services that have been specially designed for you, along with all personal banking services.

Contact Us

​ For detailed information about our private banking products and services, you can call our Privia Line (0212) 473 83 83 and also you can reach contact information of our Private Banking Specialized Branches from our website​

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