Stock Trading Platform

Take advantage of Stock Trading Platform before investing in Equities.​
Stock Trading Platform is a free of charge application that you can use to display all financial market data in a unique location.

Using Stock Trading Platform at our Personal Internet Banking Branch, you can monitor the real time equity market data provided by Borsa İstanbul, while being able to submit your stock and warrant orders to the stock exchange in a fast and secure manner. You can find various helpful tools such as technical analysis, price-level analysis, company balance sheets etc. on Stock Trading Platform.

​​You can have access to our Stock Trading Platform navigating through Investment > Stock Trading Platform menus after entering Personal Internet Banking Branch. Moreover, via BIST Data Packages menu, you can enhane the scope and depth of the data to be used in the application by purchasing the Borsa İstanbul's Equity Market Level 1+ (Volume Data) as well as Equity Market Level 2 (Market depth data) package which provides bids and offers of the top 5 price levels in the order book.​​


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