General Information

Western Union, the global money transfer service from one location to another, is now at your order at all our branches, online Internet branch and İsCep.

To use the advantages offered by Western Union, a global money transfer service, you just have to visit our online branch, one our physical branches nearest to you or you can use our mobile application İsCep and you can easily transfer money to your relatives in any corner of the world thanks to the privileges offered by Western Union.

Western Union is a fast, reliable and widely popular money transfer system that allows you to transfer or receive moneys within minutes*. It has a presence in more than 200 countries globally and it has been in service for more than 150 years.

You can transfer (and receive) funds through Western Union via our online branch, İsCep or more than 1300 branches throughout the country.

You can transfer or receive funds through Western Union at Is Bank branches within minutes* even if you are not a customer of our Bank or you do not have any account at our Bank.

Send Money

Unless you are a customer of our Bank, you have to fill in the requisite form with certain details at the branch nearest to you, including the destination country, the recipient’s name and the transfer amount, and you have to present your ID. Following the money transfer, you should notify MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) number that you will get from our branch to the recipient, who may get the money within minutes.* We would like to remind you that you should be careful not to share MTCN number to those who you don’t know.

If you are a customer of our Bank, you can also transfer funds via our online branch and İsCep.

In a money transfer through Western Union, you do not pay a fee other than the standard transfer fee charged on the basis of the sum to be transferred and the currency.

*Transaction times may differ from country to country as well as international time zones.

Receive Money

If you are not a customer of our Bank, you can visit one of our branches nearest to you and you can get the money you are expecting by filling in the form which shows the sender, the expected amount and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), and by presenting a valid ID of yours. In Western Union transactions, transaction fee is solely payable by the sender. No fee shall be charged for the payment of funds to you. If you are a customer of our Bank, you can receive the funds online by Internet Branch or İsCep.

Important Information

Individual customers older than 18 years old may send or receive money.
Funds can be transferred in TL, USD or Euro. Type of the currency for the sum payable to the recipient is determined by the recipient country.
In a single transaction for Western Union Money Transfers, a maximum of 7.500 USD, 5.700 EUR or 50.000 TL can be sent from our branches and 7.500 USD, 6.000 EUR or 40.000 TL can be sent via our Internet Branch and İşCep.​ ​

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