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​What is chip&PIN?

chip&PIN is a new way of payment highly reducing credit card loss/steal /copy risks. By this method, the chip on the credit card reduces the risk of copy. On the other hand, the 4- digit- PIN mostly prevents the risk of the use of the card by other people if it is lost or stolen.

With Chip&PIN method, a more secure season has started in shopping. If you would like to confirm your payments with PIN in all of your shopping, first you have to activate your PIN.

What is the PIN?

If you activated the PIN of your Maximum Card, you will be required to enter 4-digit-PIN in your payments, just like in Bankamatiks. Since the first PIN, given by our Bank is temporary you should change it as soon as possible. You can use your new permanent PIN of your credit card, defined by you, in shopping and cash transactions. If you have changed your PIN, it means you already have a permanent PIN.

I lost/forgot my PIN. What can I do?

If you do not know your temporary PIN  or you have not received your PIN yet, you can find out your PIN by calling 0 850 724 0 724 of our Telephone Branch (by dialing 99, you can switch to English) or you can find out your PIN from POS devices in our branches. In case you forget your permanent PIN, you can learn it by calling 0 850 724 0 724, our Telephone Branch or you can have a new 4-digit PIN via POS devices in our branches.

How to change your PIN

You can change your Maximum Card’s temporary PIN from our Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724, Bankamatiks or from POS devices in our branches

Your credit card’s PIN will be activated with the first online transaction made by your card with POS or Bankamatik.

Can I change the activated PIN of my Maximum Card?

Yes, you can change your activated PIN with Bankamatiks which have chip&PIN logo or from other banks’ ATM devices which supports the chip&PIN.

Can I make any transaction if I do not activate my PIN?

According to an agreement of all the banks in the Turkey, from 30 June 2007 on, PIN usage is mandatory for payments made with credit card. For this reason, instantly change your temporary PIN of your credit card  and start using your new PIN in POS and Bankamatik devices.

How does chip&PIN work?

Sales person will insert your Maximum Card into POS device’ chip reader when you want to pay.
If your PIN is active, chip reader will require to enter your PIN into POS or PINPAD device.
After checking your payment amount, enter your PIN and press enter button in order to confirm your payment.
Since your PIN is private, it cannot be seen on the screen. Instead, you will see stars standing for each of the digits of your PIN.
If you make a mistake while entering your PIN, please press clear button and re enter your PIN again.
The screen will inform you about completion of the payment. After the payment confirmation, POS will print a slip. You do not have to sign it since you've paid by entering your PIN.
Do not show or tell your PIN anyone including sales person.
Change your PIN in cases if you have a doubtthat someone have seen your PIN.

What happens if I enter my PIN incorrectly?

POS or PINPAD device screen will inform you whether you enter your PIN correctly or not. You PIN will be blocked in case you enter your PIN incorrectly 3 times. In case your PIN is blocked, you can change your activated PIN with chip&PIN logo Bankamatiks and or from other banks’ ATM devices which supports the chip&PIN

Bankamatik devices with chip&PIN logo. Additionally, your blocked PIN will be automatically activated from your first POS or Bankamatik device use.

Important notes about your PIN!

You can change your PIN by visiting the nearest Bankamatik.
While defining your PIN, do not use predictable numbers such as your telephone number’s part, your birthdates or easily predictable number combinations. Do not use PIN like 9999, 9876 or 1234.
Do not share your PIN and other security information to anyone including sales responsible.
Do not allow anyone else to use your Maximum Card.
Do not keep your PIN in written notes; do not write it on a card or save it anywhere.
Our bank or sales rperson will not demand your any of security information or PIN want you toor send these information via e mail. Do not rely on these kinds of demands.


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