​Derivative Products

These are financial instruments, whose value by their nature is based on other assets (foreign exchange, treasury bills, government bonds, indices, interest rates, commodities, loan ratings, etc.).

You can benefit from İşbank derivative products such as Forward, Option, Futures, and Swap.


Markets in which trades performed based on delivery of foreign exchange, securities, or commodities at a fixed future date are called forward markets, and such transactions are called forward transactions. The term of a forward transaction may change from one day to a few years.


Option contracts: These are contracts that grant the right but not the obligation to the customer to buy or sell a specific asset (foreign exchange, equities, bonds, commercial commodities, precious metals, etc.) at a determined amount at the price agreed upon within a determined period or at a determined maturity date in return for the payment of a premium.


These are contracts with which the parties resolve to buy or sell a specific amount of a security, foreign exchange, or commodity at a particular current price on a stipulated future date. Futures contracts differ from the Forward contracts due to the fact that they are traded in organized exchanges and trading of the foreign exchange, security, or commodity, which is the subject of the transaction, is performed at a standard amount and term.


Swaps are forward agreements whereby the parties undertake to exchange the revenue flows of two assets such as interest rate or currency at an agreed price on a future date. Although there is a wide variety of swap transactions, the most widely used ones are generally those based on foreign exchange and interest rate.

Currency Swap Transactions

This is a swap type that involves the exchange of principal in one currency for the same in another currency for predefined periods and to be repaid at an agreed exchange rate.

Interest Swap Transactions

This is a transaction where generally one principal amount and/or stream of future interest payment obligations with similar maturities are exchanged for another based on different debt sources. The most popular application is the Swap type where one of the counterparties borrows at a fixed interest rate and the other counterparty borrows at a variable interest rate and they interchange their obligations.

Please apply to our nearest branch for detailed information about derivative products.


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