FX Transfer

Foreign currency transfer may be made to our Bank from banks at anywhere in the world through the following channels:

As on-line from our overseas organization
By Swift from our correspondents It will be easier for money transfers that are made through our correspondents and which contain the following information to reach the receiver:
Swift Code of our Bank: ISBKTRIS (Our branches do not have separate Swift codes.)
CHIPS UID: 003546 (This is needed for money transfers from the USA, and they are also used instead of Routing Code, and ABA Number)
Name, surname, and address of the receiver should be written in full
If available; 26 digit IBAN (International Bank Account Number), if IBAN is not available then the account number that also contains the branch code where the recipient’s account is kept (E.g. 1234-1234567) or else the name and/or code of our branch nearest to where the recipient is located.

Foreign Currency Transfer from İşbank

Foreign currency transfer may be performed to domestic and foreign banks from any one of our branches.
Drawing of cheques should be preferred instead or money transfer in case the sum to be sent overseas is small and which require net payment to the recipient (subscription charge, school fee, etc.)​


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