Mutual Fund

İş Asset Management Robofon

​Compared to traditional mutual funds, it is easier to change their asset allocations according to changing market conditions. They are managed in order to protect the risk value in the future according to the determined volatility target.

Electric Vehicles Mixed Fund

​Electric Vehicles Mixed Fund, provides investment for the entire electric vehicle production process.

Moneybox Hybrid Fund

​Moneybox Hybrid Fund’s investment objective is seeking return in the long run for the future of children who are currently under 18.

Funds with Social Responsibility Focus

​In the selection of capital market instruments that will be invested on fund management, instruments with easy conversion into cash and low risk are preferred.

Money Market Fund

​The portfolio of the fund will be totally consisted of debt instruments with high liquidity and maximum maturities of 184 days. The weighted average maturity of the portfolio will permanently be less than 45 days.

Short-Term Debt Instruments Funds

​At least 80% of the Fund's portfolio is invested in public and/or private bills and bonds, The portfolio’s monthly weighted average maturity is to be constantly between 25 and 90 days.

International Funds

​At least 80% of the international fund portfolio is invested in stocks in foreign markets.

Debt Instruments Funds

​At least 80% of the fund portfolio is invested in Treasuries and corporate bonds.

Stock Intensive Funds

​The monthly average ratio of equities in the fund portfolio is at least 80%. Tax rate on the earnings gained by these funds is 0%.

Variable Funds

​The strategy is freely constituted on the principles like minimum risk, maximum yield and easy conversion to cash.

Gold Fund (822)

​At least 80% of the Fund's portfolio is constantly invested in gold or in other capital market instruments of which gold is the underlying asset.

Participation Funds

​Participation Fund portfolios include interest free money market and other related capital market instruments such as lease certificates, participation accounts, gold and other precious metals, shares of companies that operates according to participation banking principles.​

Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS)

​Investors can reach all the mutual funds of İş Asset Management and other founders’ which are traded at Turkey Electronic Fund Trading Platform.


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