​Your bills are received automatically from your account on payment due day thanks to your automatic bill payment order. If you prefer, you can also pay your bills before their due day by accessing your bill information through our Alternative Distribution Channels such as Bankamatiks, Internet Branch, Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724, İşWap and İşCep. 

Moreover, via SOS (Unlimited Automatic Service) implementation, you can pay your bills even if you have no money in your account... 

You can set upautomatic bill payment order for the bills of our contracted institutions by either coming to your branch, or via our Internet Branch or our Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724 thanks to our Instant Banking services. 

Automatic Bill Payment with Your Credit Card

If you wish, you can set up automatic bill payment order to your credit card for the bills of our contracted institutions. While your bills are paid by your credit card, you will continue to earn MaxiPoints. 

Excluding Avea, Turkcell, Vodafone, TTNET, smile adsl and Avon bills, TL 1 is charged for the bills with an automatic payment order if the bill amount is between TL 0-100, or if your bill amount is over TL 100, then 1.25 % of the bill amount is charged as a transaction fee and reflected to your credit card statement in each billing period. 

​Bill Payment with Barcode

You can pay your Avea bills immediately by using the barcode scanners in the Bankamatiks. 

You can easily make your payment by scanning the barcode located at the left bottom side of your Avea bill from Bankamatiks. Moreover, if you wish, you can make the bill payment via barcode in cash from Bankamatik (+) and you can receive the change in cash. You do not need to have a Bankamatik card in order to make your payment via barcode! You can pay your Avea bill easily by using cardless transaction menu. Avea subscribers, who are not İşbank customers, can easily pay their bills by scanning their bills through using cardless transaction menu. 

Cardless Bill Payment

If you wish, you can pay your bills from our Bankamatik (+)s without use of a card. Both our Bank’s customers and others, who are not our Bank’s customers, can rapidly and easily perform their bill payment transactions via cardless transaction menu. 

You need to follow the below mentioned instructions in order to perform cardless bill payment transaction from our Bankamatik (+)s; 

Select Cardless Transactions/Payments/Bill Payments menu, ​
Select the bill type that you want to make payment,(e.g. electricity, water, mobile phone etc.)


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