ISE Trading Hours

​Trading operations between 09:40-13:00 and 14:00-18:10 in ISE Equity Market​

Grouping of Equities

​In the announcement made by the Capital Markets Board on 23 July​

Market Operation and the Bank’s Practice

​In the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Equity Market, trades transactions have been carried out in line with the rules of price and time priority under the competition circumstances.​

Equity Transaction Details

​Your trade orders are put into operation by our Bank within the framework of 1st and 2nd session floor and ceiling price margins.​

Commission Rates

​Several costs are allocated from banks and equity houses by Central Registry Agency (MKK) in the scope of the Central Registry System. 

ISE Settlement and Custody Bank

​Cash and asset settlement of transactions in the Stock Exchange, are bartered in the presence of the ISE Settlement and Custody Bank Inc. on the second work day following trade transaction in the Stock Exchange. ​

Central Registry Office

​Opening of an account in the name of investor in the Settlement and Custody bank does not provide opportunities for the investors such as giving purchase-sale order for assets in their accounts by applying to the Settlement and Custody Bank directly and transferring these assets to another account. ​


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