Central Registry Office

​As per Capital Markets Law, “Central Registry System” in which assets in question will be registered by exporters, equity houses and rights-holders in the presence of (MKK) has come into effect by abandoning the system in which exporting and custody of capital market instruments have been carried out physically and rights regarding these instruments depend on a bond. MKK is appointed to establish and operate “Registry Custody System” for all capital market instruments without differentiating such as equities, mutual funds participation certificate, public and corporate bond issue within legal framework. The Capital Market Board (SPK) is entitled to determine which capital market meanwill be registered and when physical export of this meanwill be finalized.

Accounts are opened for our customers making equity purchase transaction and making mutual funds participation certificate transaction founder of which is our Bank, in the presence of MKK and “Registry Number” is given.

Investors can follow their account balance of securities of which registry transaction is completed and can block their assets to prevent their utilization without their knowledge by accessing to “MKK Investor Call Center” numbered 444 0 655 by means of using their MKK Registry Number and passwords.

Opening of an account in the name of investor in the Settlement and Custody bank does not provide opportunities for the investors such as giving purchase-sale order for assets in their accounts by applying to the Settlement and Custody Bank directly and transferring these assets to another account. Rights to make all kinds of transactions on these accounts in question are under the authorization and responsibility of equity houses in which the accounts exist.​


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