​Thanks to Vadematik Card, you can make your commercial good and service purchases easily and also benefit from special offers. You can use your card both in Turkey and abroad for your company expenditures.​

If you are a Member Merchant  

You can purchase your goods via POS without depending on cheques, promissory notes and similar securities.
Moreover, you can collect your sales price in cash from our Bank within the scope of credit card applications without any need for maturity tracking.
Thanks to Vadematik, you can increase your turnover by offering delay and installment sales options in cash price (delay interest belongs to the card holder). 
If you are a Card User 

Thanks to Vadematik card, you can realize your commercial good and service purchases easier while benefiting from opportunities special to you; you can use your card both at home and abroad for your company expenditures.
You can gain MaxiPoints with your Vadematik Card expenditures and you can instantly use your points in Maximum member merchants.  • You can delay or split your good purchases into installments instantly or after your purchase; you can postpone your statement debt until your next statement maturity date. • You can determine the transaction authorities of your employees.
You can make early payment both for your purchases which you have delayed or split into installments, and for your statement debts that you have postponed.
 If your card is lost or stolen while you are in abroad, you can use cash advance by informing a VISA center about the situation. Moreover, your card is renewed within 48 hours. 
 ​You can give automatic payment order in order to discharge your credit card debts. 

In order to have a Vadematik Card, you can fill the application form by visiting​ nearest branch.


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