Eurobond is generally a long-term debt instrument offered for sale in international markets by states or companies in a foreign currency to raise foreign funds.

By Treasury of Turkish Republic in international markets generally USD or EUR Eurobonds are issued.

Eurobonds can be issued in foreign currencies such as Euro, Japanese Yen, and Swiss Franc in particular U.S. Dollar.
Due date is generally between 5-30 years.
Because they are long-term bonds, Eurobonds can be issued as coupon. Generally coupons have fixed interest rates. Provides a regular cash flow to investor in coupon payment periods. Capital and coupon payments are made in issued foreign currency.
USD eurobond coupons are paid every 6 months, EUR eurobond coupons are paid once a year. Interests of coupons are defined as simple interest.
Eurobonds can be turned into cash before the end of due date within the scope of market conditions.
Eurobonds that you bought from our Bank are kept in your investment account under the auspices of storage agent "Clear Stream" by our Bank.​

Eligible for Whom?

​It is an instrument for individuals and institutions preferring to evaluate their savings in investment instruments of foreign currency and planning to invest long-term (generally 5-30 years) investment.

​Eurobond prices are affected from both financial and economical performances of issuing country or institutions and developments in international financial markets.​

​Why Eurobond? 

​T. R. Under secretariat of Treasury guarantee
Periodic cash flow with coupon interests
Alternative due date options
High liquidity
Buying/selling opportunity in international market
Tax advantage (acquired interest incomes and trading gains is not subject to withholding but declaration)

Eurobond in İşbank​

You can buy and sell Eurobond in office days between 11:00-17:30 via our branches or Internet Branch without paying handling fee and custody commission.
If you want to sell your current securities before due date, you can easily turn your securities into cash from the buying price declared within that day.
Coupon and capital payments are deposited automatically in related foreign exchange to your checking account.
Buying and selling prices are determined every day TSİ at 11:00 parallel to market developments and price movements and within that day prices can be changed if it is necessary.


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