Our Vision, Values, Strategic Goals and Strategy

Our Vision

Becoming the bank of the future, creating sustainable value with an inclusive and participatory approach

Our Values

Innovation, solidarity, common sense, reliability, sincerity, transparency guided by the principles of «Intelligence, diligence, integrity; technical and methodical work» in reference to İşbank's founding philosophy

Our Strategic Goals 

-Commitment to our country
-Strong and sustainable financial performance
-Effective risk management
-Flawless customer experience
-Value creating technology and innovation leadership
-Happy and productive human resources
-Ethical and responsible banking, that is compassionate towards people, society and environment

Our Strategy

Managing our balance sheet to ensure sustainable and value added growth while using our internal and external resources in accordance with the priorities of the country's economy and preparing our enterprise for the future by continuously improving our business model in synergy with our group companies and all our business partners in the period of technological transformation


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