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Bankamatiks Abroad


​You no longer need to look for an Exchange Office, Bankamatiks are ready to help you!
We are providing a 24/7 non-stop service in over 6.500 points with the largest Bankamatik network of Turkey. 

You can convert Euro, USD and GBP to TL instantly in Bankamatiks without using a card.*
You can also withdraw Euro, USD and GBP from your account using your debit or credit card.**
* USD, EUR and GBP effective selling transaction can be realized from our Bankamatiks with cash deposit and coin dispenser features.
** TL, USD, EUR and GBP can be withdrawn in 12 languages from our Bankamatiks by using Visa, MasterCard, Electron, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express,  UnionPay, JCB, MIR, Diners Club and Discover cards.​


​You can withdraw money from your TL, USD, GBP and EUR accounts opened in İşBank/Turkey with your Turkey issued debit card or Maximum credit card via Bankamatiks. In 

Arbil and Baghdad you can withdraw USD and IQD
London you can withdraw GBP,
Pristina you can withdraw EUR,
Batumi you can withdraw USD and Lari (GEL)

and also, you can change your card pin code from these Bankamatiks.

​Complete your transactions via our wide Bankamatik network without wasting your time in queues!

Transactions without Card


Transactions with Bankamatik Card

Cash Withdrawal
Interactive Banking First PIN Entry
Money Transfer (TL)
PIN Update

​Transactions with Credit Card

From Current Account
Cash Withdrawal
Interactive Banking First PIN Entry
Money Transfer (TL)
PIN Update
From Credit Card’s Account
Cash Advance
Credit Card Inquiries/Payments
Transfer to Current Account
Transfer to Current Account
Virtual Card
Limit Transfer
​Limit Reset
PIN Update


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