Our Policies

Bank has prepared;


policies that demonstrated its sustainability approach and presented those to all of its stakeholders.
Our Bank, restructured its sustainability activities that have been executed for many years in a methodical approach that combines environmental, social, ethical principles and corporate governance dimensions.

Gender Equality
The Gender Equality Policy comprises the practices of our Bank related to gender equality in line with the principles of equal opportunity and diversity, including all employees and activities.
Our Procurement Practices
Procurement activities and purchases of goods/services in İşbank are carried out within the framework of the ‘Supplier Code of Conduct’ that sets forth the founding principles and the internal regulations constituted in line with the said policy.
Occupational Health and Safety
Founding principles regarding the activities conducted to create a safer and healthier working environment and to promote preventive health practices in line with the legislation on occupational health and safety in our Bank are stated in the Occupational Health and Safety Policy.



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