Market Operation and the Bank’s Practice

Equity Market Operation

​In the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Equity Market, trades transactions have been carried out in line with the rules of price and time priority under the competition circumstances.
Equity trade order period is at least 1 session and at most 1 day in the exchange market.
In ISE Equity Market, 1 lot = 1 item = 1 TRY.
Orders are accepted as 1 lot (1 item) or the multiples of it. 

Our Bank Practice:

Our Bank is entitled to accept equity trade orders (instructions) of our customers as being an agent of our participator, İş Investment Inc.

Operation of the Orders

Limited priced orders which are accepted to our Bank system between 17:30 and 09:30 are transmitted to Electronic Trade System of ISE for putting into operation in opening session. Unlimited priced orders which are accepted to our Bank system between these hours are not transmitted to opening session and are transferred to continuous auction session by protecting the time priority rule.

The orders, transmitted to Opening Session but not recognized, are transferred to ISE session to put into operation in the continuous auction session, the orders which are transmitted to the opening session but cancelled by ISE, are also cancelled by our Bank system.

Settlement Transactions:

Equities in your purchase orders, sale costs in your sale orders are transferred to your investment account on 2nd work day (settlement day) following realization of the transaction in the Exchange Market. You can give sale order in return for purchase transaction that is recognized before settlement day and purchase order in return for settlement cost of sale order. Assets and cash which are under guarantee until settlement transaction for equity purchase transaction are blocked in the investment account.

On the other hand, our Bank practice provide customers with opportunity to resell the just occurring equities in the settlement when equity purchase order is realized and repurchase equity with just occurring sale cost in the settlement when equity sale order is realized.

Order Confirmation:

Realization notices of the orders that have been transmitted to ISE system, are transferred to our system (investment accounts) automatically by means of obtaining information from data publication distribution companies on the basis of reference numbers given by our system when the order is realized.


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