Commission Rates

Investment Account Fees and Commissions

Following costs are applied by the Bank and Central Registry Agency (MKK) in the scope of the Central Registry System.

Investment Account Custodial Service Fee
MKK Custodial Service Commission
MKK Account Password Delivery Fee

1) Investment Account Custodial Service Fee

For the following investment products recorded in the investment account;

Mutual Funds*
Exchange Traded Funds
Government Bonds*
Private Sector Bonds

trimester investment account custodial service fee and 5% BSMV (banking and insurance transaction tax) of the custodial service fee are applied considering the average of market value in Turkish Lira of the investment products stated above.

* 810 – Moneybox Hybrid Fund;  824 - İş Asset Management Maximum Card Short-Term Debt Instruments Fund and Eurobonds are not taken into account for market value average calculation.

2) MKK Custodial Service Commission

In addition to Investment Account Custodial Service Fee, trimester MKK Custodial Service Commission is applied for the investment accounts where market value of the equities reaches over a certain amount in Turkish Lira.

3) MKK Account Password Delivery Fee

MKK is sending the MKK account password to our customers who carry out capital market transactions through the account opened in our Bank. The delivery fee for sending the post by MKK is paid by our Bank and applied to our customers.

Investment Account Statement Fee

In Communiqué Serial: V, No: 107 of the Capital Markets Board, it is obligatory to send account statements to our customers who are acting on the investment account within the month unless otherwise instructed.

In line with our customers’ requests, Investment Account Statements are sent;

to e-mail address, free of charge
or the costs for the preparation and posting of the statements are reflected to the accounts for the period in which they belong, and are sent by registered mail to the current contact addresses of our customers.

If our clients declare that they do not want Investment Account Statements, they will not be sent.​

Stock Exchange Transactions Commissions​

We implement “Commission Rate Based on Average Trading Volumes” for our customers who make stock exchange transactions via our Instant Banking Channels. Transactions through Internet Branch, Telephone Branch, Borsa İşlem Platformu, İşCep and Bankamatik are counted for “Commission Rate Based on Average Trading Volumes”

The volume scale and related commission rates applied are as follows for the channels mentioned above;​

Instant Banking Channels Last 3 Months Average Stock Transaction Volume Scale (TRY)
Commission Rate (in ten thousand)
Up to 25.000
25.001 - 50.000
50.001 - 200.000

​200.001 - 500.000
​500.001 - 1.000.000
​1.000.001 - 5.000.000
​5.000.001 and above

What is “Commission Rate Based on Average Trading Volumes”?

Commission Rate Based on Average Trading Volumes means that for our customers who carry out stock exchange transactions through our Instant Banking channels, the commission rates are applied according to the average stock trading volume in these channels over the last 3 months.


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