Our Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

Our Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced in 2015, is a call to governments, companies and non-governmental organizations to work in cooperation and take action in critical areas for the common future. The banking sector is in significant position with its capability to offer both direct and indirect solutions to global and regional problems. Being aware of our transformative power and responsibilities, we take the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide in our activities. We consider our contribution to these goals as an important component of our value creation process.

We support the transition to the low carbon economy and finance the renewable energy investments in order to ensure energy transformation. We also create resources for the renewable energy sector by committing to obtain the energy we need in our operations from renewable sources. We take the environmental impacts into consideration in designing our products and services. The environmental and social impacts of the projects financed are evaluated rigorously; it is ensured that the measures are taken to minimize/eliminate the risks arising from the projects.

In addition to our widespread branch network and digital banking applications, we support access to financial services and contribute to social welfare through our products and services developed for disadvantaged customer groups. Weshare our intellectual knowledge with different stakeholders by providing unlimited access to our objective and comprehensive economic reports in a digital environment. We encourage the transition to the new economy with the importance we attach to digital banking, financing provided for infrastructure investments, innovation activities conducted and start-ups we support.

We believe in the importance of prevalent and qualified education for sustainable development. Therefore, we not only invest in the development of our own employees but also contribute to the education quality of Turkey with the loans we provide to the education sector and the long-term social responsibility projects we implement. We work for the aim of creating sustainable value for all of our stakeholders by providing a fair working environment, increasing the access of disadvantaged groups to financial services and supporting the long-term social responsibility programs.


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