Resolutions Made at the Annual General Meeting

Resolutions Made at Isbank's General Meeting Held on March 29th, 2019

At İşbank's General Meeting held on March 29th, 2019, in Istanbul, the following issues have been resolved.

The Chairmanship Council was established as per the Articles of Incorporation.
Annual Report has been discussed and ratified.
Independent Auditors' Reports have been discussed.
The Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account for the year 2018 have been ratified.
The Board of Directors has been discharged with regard to transactions and accounts in the year 2018.
Proposal of the Board of Directors regarding the utilization of 2018 profit, as stated in the tables attached, was approved.
Considering that the Board members were elected for three years and their term has not been completed as at 29.03.2019; it was decided that the agenda item "The Election of Board of Directors" would not be executed as such and - election of Mr. Sezgin Yılmaz effective as of 01.04.2019, in lieu of Mr. H. Ersin Özince, who has resigned from Board membership as of 31.03.2019, in order to complete the latter's term and - termination of Mr. Müslim Sarı's Board Membership and election of Mr. Fazlı Bulut, in lieu of Mr. Müslim Sarı, in order to complete the latter's term have been resolved.
The allowance for the members of the Board of Directors was determined.
The appointment of Güney Bağımsız Denetim ve Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş. (a member firm of Ernst & Young Global Limited) as the independent audit firm of our Bank for 2019 has been approved.
It was decided to authorize the Board Members as per Turkish Commercial Code articles 395 and 396.
Information was provided on the subjects within the context of the principle nr.1.3.6 of Capital Market Board's (CMB) Corporate Governance Principles.
Information was provided on the share buyback transactions executed in 2018 as per the resolution of the Board of Directors.
​Information was given regarding the donations made.

Please click to view the profit distribution table.


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