Gold Deposit Account

You may invest your savings in gold, purchase gold and convert it into cash whenever you please.​

General Information

By means of the Current Gold Account you get the opportunity to invest in gold without incurring the risk of theft or loss.
You can open your Current Gold Account by applying to our branches, through our Internet Banking Branch or İşCep.
With the Gold Deposit Account you have the opportunity to invest in gold even with small amounts and increments of 0.01 grams.
Buying gold of 1 gram in 995/1000 purity corresponds to 1 XAU in value.
TL 200.000 of a Current Gold Account is subject to Savings Deposit Insurance.
The purchase price which is notified by us indicates repurchase prices of gold and sale price indicates the gold sale prices by our Bank to your account.
No cost or commission is charged to the Gold Deposit Accounts
All transactions made by you will be stated in both 995/1000 purity and 1000/1000 purity –the purest form- on screens and bank receipts.
Taking the delivery of physical gold from your account can be carried out by receiving it from BIST (Borsa Istanbul) providing that the amount is over 5 kg (such as 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg…). Please contact with your branch 3 working days prior to the requested delivery date.

Within the scope of the provisions of the Regulation on “Deposit and Participation Funds Subject to Insurance and Premiums to be Collected by Savings Deposit Insurance Fund” published in Official Gazette dated 07.11.2006 No. 26339; up to TL 200.​000 of the principal amounts of Turkish Lira, foreign currency and precious metal deposit accounts that are opened in the name of real entities at branches of loan institutions active in Turkey for purposes other than conducting commercial transactions except cashing cheques shall be within the scope of insurance including the total of any interest rediscounts pertaining to these accounts.


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