Salary Payments

​Benefit from İşbank's Electronic Salary Payment service so that your employees' salary payments are made safely and fast every month! If you prefer, payments are made regularly and as bulk or you can make the payment via İşbank Commercial Internet Branch.​

Your Business at Ease: E-Salary Payment

By switching to the e-Salary payment, you can make all salary payments automatically in the most secure and controlled manner while also benefiting from the high level of privacy, security and convenience offered.

You can apply to our branches for salary payments or, if you prefer, you can execute your salary payments through the "Salary Transactions" menu via our Commercial Internet Branch.


Advantages of E-Salary Payment

Electronic salary files are sent to a corporate e-mail address created by the Bank.
Since transactions are carried out via e-salary are automated, transactions are made faster.
Since our customers prepare and upload the file by themselves, transaction confidentiality is ensured.
It provides the possibility to transfer files by email or ftp / secure ftp.
The transferred salary file is automatically processed by the Bank’s system, which ensures that human error is minimized.
By checking the compliance of the account with the TC Identification Number and Foreign Identification Number, the risk of paying salaries to the wrong people is eliminated.
Whether e-signature is used or not, file transfer can only be done by persons authorized by the company, and transaction results are reported only to those requested by the company.
From file submission to payment results in every process at every point; control, statements, and reporting are automatically transferred to the e-mails of the employees requested by the company.
With the MD5 control, which is an advanced security application, it can be checked whether the file to be uploaded to the system is consistent with the salary payment order signed by the person authorized by the company.
With the help of the information such as work address, profession, starting date of employment, etc. which is contained in the salary file, dual control is ensured in legal notifications to the Social Security Institution.
It provides a receipt and list service that our customers can use in their legal statements.
It enables backdate receipt & record interrogation and control.



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