Retailer Card

You can make collections arising from your high volume of deferred payment sales to your dealers or wholesalers via our Retailer Card.

Retailer Card is a product which provides secure and sustainable collections arising from deferred, continuous and large-scale sales to retailers by providing them a card which has special financial conditions.

For the Supplier Retailer Card is:

A collection method
An instrument for cash management
A tool for financing

By discounting your receivables on Retailer Card, İşbank provides financing opportunities to multinational corporates that do not prefer to reflect cash credit risk in their balance sheets.

For the Retailer, Retailer Card is:

A payment method
A commercial loan facility
An alternative tool for financing

Difference Between Retailer Cards and Business Cards

Although the card infrastructure is used for Retailer Card system,  it has a different financial workflow than credit cards.

As known, account statements are issued once a month in transactions made with credit cards, and all transactions made within the account statement period are paid after a certain period of time from the statement. The Retailer card application does not work with the logic of account summary and due date, and the cardholder and the supplier company can determine a maturity agreed between them based on transaction.

In this context, during each shopping transaction, a certain maturity period is determined for the transaction between the cardholder and the merchant, and the cardholder is expected to pay the transaction amount to our Bank on the specified maturity date.

POS devices having special software which are compatible with Retailer Card system are provided to Suppliers.

The payment of the transaction amounts to the supplier company is secured by our Bank, whether the customer pays the Retailercard debt or not.

Advantages of Retailer Card

With your company's logo on it, the Retailer Card can be issued for your dealers / customers allowing solely purchasing goods from your company with special financial conditions, 
Eliminates the risk of not being able to collect your receivables under favor of the credit limits allocated for your dealers/retailers. 
Ensures the collection of your receivables on time 
Eases your cash management by knowing the cash flow in advance and reduces the operational workload and related costs 
Eliminates the costs of collaterals received from your dealers/retailers arising from the transport risk of cheques and promissory notes.


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