Cash Sweeping

What is Cash Sweeping?

Cash sweeping means moving the cash in a company’s outlying bank accounts into a central concentration account.

Our cash sweeping service allows automatic transferring TL and FX non-term account balances to a central account by the system at a certain time or multiple times during the day.

You can give the automatic sweeping order for your accounts under your own customer number and also for accounts under different customer numbers.

With this service, balances in different İşbank accounts are periodically scanned and collected in a main account (pool account).

This opportunity means more efficient use of cash belonging to our customers,

Our automatic sweeping system is designed in a flexible structure and can be configured according to the requirements of our customers. In this context following structures can be used:

Target balance or zero balance
Customer-specific sweep intervals
Multi-layer sweep
Sweep across different currencies

For Which Companies is the Cash Sweeping Suitable?

This service is preferred by companies having difficulties keeping track of their large number accounts to ease their liquidity management.

How can I Apply?

You can apply to our nearest branch for detailed information about Cash Sweeping.


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