How to Open an Account

How to Open an Account at İşbank

To open an account at İşbank, foreign capital companies are required to submit the set of documents listed below. All of the documents are mandatory to open a bank account and they will be examined by our Branches.

Please note that the information given on this page are for informative purposes only. İşbank does not guarantee opening an account by providing this information. Account opening procedures are subject to various internal processes and authorizations.

Opening an account for a Foreign Capital Company that is established in Turkey:

In order to open an account for a company which is established within Turkey, the following documents are required to be submitted:

An instruction letter duly signed by the authorized signatures 
Trade registry gazette 
Chamber of commerce registry 
Commercial registration certificate 
Articles of incorporation
Passport or ID copies of the signatures of the firm 
Tax Registration Certificate (Tax ID number)  Certificate of existence 
List of authorized signatures
Also, a standard contract (standard banking services contract) is required to be signed. The Turkish version of the contract is to be signed however an English version of it is provided for information purposes only.

Contact Us:

For further enquiries regarding opening an account and Multinational Banking structure of İşbank you can send an e-mail to


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