Important Warnings

Security of your Credit Card

Do not deliver your card number and the validity date to third parties except the merchants where you will perform expenditure.
Keep the copies of the expenditure slip regarding your expenses until seeing the expenses in subject on your account statement. You can destroy the expenditure slip copies after controlling your account statement.
Keep the documents such as account statement including your credit card number and information regarding your card and sales document out of reach of third parties, until being destroyed.
Do not leave your credit card exposed to others where they could reach the information on it.
Do not give your credit card to be used by others.
Before leaving the stores where you performed an expense, check whether you received your credit card back or not.
Check frequently the wallet or bag that you keep your credit card in and make sure that your credit card is with you.
In case you recognize that your card is lost or stolen, first inform the situation by reaching our Call Center at 0 850 724 0 724 and have your card closed for utilization.
Thus you can prevent others from using your credit card.
Then in cases of being stolen you can apply to a police station to make the minutes taken.
Do not tell your credit card password to anyone including the İşbank personnel and do not write it down anywhere.
Our Bank’s personnel never ask for your password information in any phase of your transactions.
While performing operation at our Bankamatiks never accept help from strangers.
In case of any problem please call our Call Center at 0 850 724 0 724.
In order to receive service from our Call Center in a fast manner dial your customer number and telephone branch password.
If your card is stuck at Bankamatik do not enter your password again.
Give information by applying the closest branch or by calling our Call Center at 0 850 724 0 724 and have your card deactivated if required.
Do not compose the passwords of your cards by numbers that can be easily known by others such as date of birth, and your extension number at workplace.
If the current password is in this form, we recommend you to change it immediately from the closest Bankamatik.
You can dispute the sales/cash advance/card-to-card funds transfer transactions debited to your account through our İşCep or Maximum Mobile applications easily without filling in any printed forms.


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