​Credit Card Statement Descriptions​

Address and Phone Number Update

If you want to give order for address or phone update, you can deliver your petition regarding your demand to you BRANCH, can send it to our fax at 212-316 07 18 or can perform the changes from the address

Total Credit Limit

It indicates the maximum amount that you can use on cash draw and shopping transactions. In case the limit is not sufficient for your usage, you can apply to your branch for limit increase.

Available Credit Limit

It indicates the amount remaining from the limit assigned to your credit card after deducting your debt and receivable transactions reaching to our Bank until the credit card statement date and running record, the total of undue installments from the performed installment shopping transactions and the given provisions.

Debt for the Period

It is the total of your debt and receivable transactions reaching to our Bank until the credit card statement date and your running record.

Previous Balance

It indicates previous period debt status.

Minimum Amount Due

It indicates the minimum amount due to be paid until the last payment date. This amount includes your overdue debts from the previous period.

Account Closing Date

It indicates the date when your credit card statement is arranged. This date is determined to be the same day for each month. But in case the day following the determined date is holiday (weekend or official holiday), the credit card statements are arranged at the last day of holiday.

Final Payment Date

It is the last payment date of your debt specified on the credit card statement.

Transactions Abroad

Expenses performed abroad is being debited as $ or Euro for our VISA Premier credit cards, as $ for our Visa Classic International credit cards and for our VISA Classic Domestic - International and MasterCard credit cards by converting to TL over the FX Sales Rate of our Bank being valid at the moment when the debt record of the transaction reaches to our Bank. On the other hand the transactions performed abroad with your credit card is being sent to our bank in $ by the VISA /MasterCard institutions. As rate of exchange conversion is not performed by the VISA institutions for foreign currency expenses except $, an additional 1% rate of exchange conversion fee is being reflected to your credit card.


Your credit card statement will be sent to your mail and/or e-mail address after the credit card statement date. Furthermore you can give order for the notification of your credit card statement by SMS. In case of not receiving your credit card statement, you can learn your credit card statement debt through our Branches, Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724, Internet Branch, İşCep, İşWap and Bankamatik devices. You can discharge your credit card through our Branches, Bankamatiks and from PTT Branches in cash; and by your account through our Branches, Bankamatiks, Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724, Internet Branch, İşCep and İşWap. Besides you can give automatic virement order for the whole or minimum payment amount of credit card statement debt to be paid each month automatically from your account.

Interest Calculation Method

An interest is accounted over the Cash Draw Interest Rate that is indicated on the credit card statement, as from the date the daily transactions is reflected to our Bank records, to the whole of the balance composed from cash draw and lottery game transactions. No additional cash draw commission is being accrued against the cash draw transactions from our bank and from other banks. Cash draw transaction commission as being 3,15% of the transaction amount for cash and installment cash advance transactions performed through our Bank in the country, in case of performing cash draw transaction through another bank other bank cash draw commission is being applied in addition to this. For cash draw operations performed abroad, the cash draw commission is being calculated by adding 3$/3€ (+BSMV) to the 3,5%+BSMV of the transaction amount as being 7$ / 7€ (+BSMV) minimum.

In case you pay all the credit card statement debt until the last payment date, no interest is being accrued to your shopping debt. In case of making a payment until the last payment date that is over the minimum amount or equal to the minimum amount but less than the total amount contractual interest is being calculated to the remaining “credit statement shopping debt” as from the credit card statement date. In case the C Statement Total Debt is not paid until the last payment date or in case of making a payment less than the minimum amount, contractual interest is being accrued over the remaining account statement debt at the last payment date in between the account statement date and last payment date, and after the last payment date “overdue interest” is being accrued over “overdue (outstanding) minimum amount” and contractual interest is being accrued over the remaining “account statement debt”. The interest amount specified in your account statement is by the account statement date and the interest rate to be calculated for the period after this date will be informed with your following account statement. RUSF and BITT is being added to the Cash Draw and Shopping Interest Rate that is calculated over this rate.

Foreign Airline Tickets

The amounts regarding the transactions with your credit card at the foreign airline companies in Turkey as being indicated in TL on the sales document, it will be reflected to your account over foreign currencies due to the foreign connections of the companies in subject. In other words your expense will be treated as if it is performed abroad and will be debited to your account statement as specified in the “International Transactions” section above. This application is in accordance with the international credit card rules and it does not arise from our Bank.

Hotel Reservations

While canceling your hotel reservations performed with your credit card, ask for the “Reservation Cancellation Code” from the hotel in order to be used when required.


On all kinds of shopping in cash to be performed with your İşbank credit and Bankamatik card, on installment shopping to be performed at our Maximum member stores and on reimbursements to be performed through Bankamatik, Netmatik, Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724, and through automatic reimbursement order you gain MaxiPoint and you can use your MaxiPoints immediately at our Maximum member stores. The MaxiPoints regarding the shopping transactions of all your cards is being indicated in total including your additional cards. If you have more than one account statements with the same credit card statement date the MaxiPoints on the account statements will be the same. You can have all kinds of information regarding the MaxiPoints applications from your Branch or from our Telephone Branch at 0 850 724 0 724.

Important Note:

When you recognize that your card is lost or stolen, you can inform our nearest branch or our Call Center at +90 850 724 0 724 or you can cancel your card through Do not use a password such as your birth date for your credit card due to possibility of being lost, stolen and being received by third parties. Besides keep your card password confidential and never write it down anywhere. While performing transaction at Bankamatiks, do not allow other individuals coming near you to interfere in your transaction and to learn your password. In case your card gets stuck while performing transaction at Bankamatiks have your card cancelled by calling our bank. It is not necessary to know your password for the cancellation of your card.

Do not accept help from the people around you and even from the individuals presenting themselves as bank’s employee and do not use the cellphones of these individuals.You can call our Telephone branch 7 days 24 hours for all kinds of information regarding your credit card. In addition you can reach all kinds of information regarding credit cards and bank cards from the internet address that is prepared by Bankalararası Kart Merkezi (BKM) A.Ş. [Interbank Card Center].

You can dispute the sales/cash advance/card-to-card funds transfer transactions debited to your account through our İşCep or Maximum Mobile applications easily without filling in any printed forms.


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