​With İşbank QR POS, smart phones can be used as POS.​

What is İşbank QR POS?

With İşbank's QR POS, the shopping process can be completed completely digitally through the interaction provided from mobile device to mobile device, without the need for a card and POS device, which are the usual parties of the payment process.

By using our new application Maximum İşyerim, where you can access all kinds of information regarding your POS transactions, it is now possible for our merchants to easily make sales via their smart phones.

Who Is This Product For?

Seller with no ÖKC requirement (Payment Recording Devices),
Sellers who do not want to carry a POS device or avoid the costs of physical POS devices,
Sellers making mobile sales, avoiding carrying mobile POS,
Sellers wishing to make a difference by offering new generation technologies to its customers,
Sellers aiming to sell to the next generation consumer group who do not carry a card and prefer the QR payment method with smart phones

Advantages of QR POS

You can use your smartphone as a POS by paying only 60 TL per year. Moreover, no other monthly fee will be charged to businesses using QR POS except this fee. *

Advantages Making Difference:

Businesses using İşbank's QR POS;

Can make mobile sales without carrying a physical POS device,
Do not pay POS usage fee and communication fee.
By paying the QR POS fee of only 60 TL per year in advance, they can make sales without any turnover restrictions and do not pay any other commission, *
By using their smart phones as POS devices, they avoid issues such as obtaining slips specific to POS devices and technical breakdown processes.

* Payments accepted by QR POS are transferred to the business accounts after the number of agreed days without any deduction (on businesses agreed on blocked days POS conditions). For businesses agreed on hybrid or on next day payed commission based POS conditions, the remaining amount is transferred to the business accounts after deduction of the agreed commision with no further deductions.


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