International Network

International Network

İşbank’s International Network

With its wide international presence, İşbank offers solutions for the companies’ international business operations. İşbank’s international network covers 35 branches and 4 representative offices that are present in 11 different countries.

The Bank has an international presence through its own London, North London (England), Erbil (Iraq), Baghdad (Iraq), Bahrain, Pristina (Kosovo), Prizren (Kosovo) and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) branches; through İşbank AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary with nine branches in Germany and one branch in The Netherlands; through Moscow based JSC İşbank, a wholly-owned subsidiary with one branch in Moscow and two representative offices in Kazan and St-Petersburg; and through Tbilisi-based JSC Isbank Georgia, a wholly-owned subsidiary with two branches in Georgia. Besides these, İşbank has representative offices in each of the People’s Republic of China and Egypt.

İşbank AG

İşbank AG, representing the İşbank Group in Europe as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., is a German bank that has its head office in Frankfurt/Main and maintains nine branches in Germany as well as another in the Netherlands. Since it was founded in 1992, İşbank AG’s business area mainly extends to Turkey and Europe and is focused on banks and European and international corporate and trade business.
The bank is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Banken (Federal Association of German Banks) and participates in the deposit protection system for private-sector banks.

JSC İşbank Russia

The Bank was registered by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and has been operating since 1994. The name Joint Stock Company İşbank was received in 2011, as a result of the acquisition of 100% shares of the Bank by Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. The priority lines of the JSC İşbank’s business are commercial banking services in the Russian Federation. The principal activities are deposit taking and customer account maintenance, lending, issuing guarantees, cash and settlement operations and transactions with securities and foreign exchange. JSC İşbank has 1 branch in Moscow and has a representative office in St. Petersburg and Kazan each.

JSC İşbank Georgia

In 2012, the Bank was registered by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) and began its operations in Batumi as a foreign branch of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. On 3 August 2015, Batumi branch was transformed into JSC Isbank Georgia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. JSC Isbank Georgia currently has Tbilisi and Batumi branches serving commercial as well as individual clients with a wide variety of banking products and services. Isbank Georgia's priorities are, in collaboration with parent company, to promote close commercial and business ties between Georgia and Turkey.

Cross Border Branches

In addition to presence of its subsidiaries, İşbank operates in five different countries with its branches and provides various banking services and products to its customers such as commercial loans, project finance, non-cash loans (Letter of Credits, Guarantees and Acceptances), foreign trade operations, debit cards, POS, internet banking, mobile banking, deposit accounts, payroll accounts, consumer loans (cash, vehicle, mortgage) etc.
As mentioned above, İşbank has:

2 branches in Iraq,
2 branches in Kosovo,
2 branches in the United Kingdom,
1 branch in Bahrain and
15 branches in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

İşbank’s overseas branches provide high quality services to both its local customers and Turkish companies that operate actively in the markets that have significant economic and commercial relations with Turkey.

Erbil Branch intermediates a substantial portion of foreign trade transactions between Turkey and Iraq. The branch contributes to businesses in the region with its international banking services such as cash loans and non-cash loans (LC, Guarantee, Acceptances), project finance facility etc.

Kosovo Branches’ customer portfolio consists of mostly local companies. Our aim is to increase our deposit base and to support businesses with wide range of banking services. As a result of our investments in digitalized products, Kosovo Branches intermediate bill and tax payments which supports us to retain and develop long term relationship with our customers.

Bahrain Branch contributes to İşbank’s financial figures by obtaining funds from regional banks. As a recent development, Bahrain Branch can now offer Commodity Murabaha Facility to our domestic customers in Turkey. The branch which doesn’t have cashier service provides banking services such as deposit and loan facility, project finance, foreign trade finance, international money transfers and treasury transactions.
We have presence in the UK for many years. Unlike our other overseas branches, the UK branches offer POS service and Overseas Mortgage product that is designed for real estate purchases of retail customers residing in the UK.

The TRNC Branches provides traditional banking products and services similar to our domestic branches in Turkey.

Representative Offices

İşbank has two representative offices, one in Shanghai, China and the other one in Cairo, Egypt.

İşbank China Rep Office was established in 2006 in Shanghai. The main target of China Office is to be the bridge between China & Turkey, predominantly on bilateral investments, foreign trade and transactional banking including payment systems and e-commerce ecosystems in China.

İşbank Egypt office was established in 2010 in Cairo. The main target of the office is to introduce İşbank to the banks, companies, institutions and organizations in the region and to support our customers which may have investments and/or trade relations with the countries with their local market knowledge and provide solutions with respect to our operations in the region.


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