Account Maintenance Fee

2015/2nd Period

2015/1st Period

​2015/2nd Period Account Maintenance Fee Implementation Principles​

“Account Maintenance Fee” is being withdrawn from the TRY and FC accounts within the current account group at the end of 6-months period within the scope of our Bank’s implementation. Second 6-months period fees for 2015 will be collected since December according to “Regulation On Principles And Procedures Related To Fees to Be Received From Financial Consumers” which was published in the Official Gazette (29138) dated October 3, 2014. Within the meaning of these legal regulations, all of the TRY and FC accounts which are related and only used for payments of consumer loans or credit cards will be excluded.
In case our customers have more than one TRY and Foreign Currency demand deposit account; the fee will only be collected from one of them. Collection will be made from your any available demand deposit accounts. In case that the account balances are not available by the end of the relevant period, the balance is checked in the following 2 periods and the collection is made. Exchange buying rate of our branches will be taken into account when the fees are charged from FC demand deposit accounts. 
Fee will not be withdrawn from the accounts that meet the below-mentioned exception criteria and provided that the accounts are active by the end of the second 6-months period of 2015.
• TRY and FC current accounts  that are connected to the customer number of our retail customers who placed at least 2 Automatic Bill Payment Orders on their accounts and/or credit cards, and said automatic payments should be realized at least once through our Bank in the relevant period.*
•  First Signature Accounts and TRY current accounts which has Moneybox Fund,
• Accounts belonging to undergraduate students who are 28 years old or under,
• TRY current accounts that mediate salary payments within the scope of Republic of Turkey Social Security Institution (SGK) retirement pension payment implementation

The exception criteria above are not applicable for commercial current accounts.

You may get the necessary information on exception criteria from our Branches, from our customer representatives by calling our telephone branch at 0 850 724 0 724 or from our website “”
Expense and Commission Tariff which is determined in accordance with the legislative regulations are conveyed to the competent authorities for information purposes and is submitted for our customers’ information by announcing it within the “Fee Tariff Table” at our branches and is published on our web site within the scope of the regulations of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. Upon the announcement related to the augmentation of the tariff of the account maintenance fee, your renouncement right concerning the service procurement will be reserved for 15 days from the announcement date. In case you exercise your renouncement right, there will not be any additional fee collection until the date that the augmentation of mentioned fee takes effect. In addition to this, the bank may cease providing the service or the product, you may close your deposit account(s), that will be charged, via our branches or the internet branch without paying any additional fee. Otherwise, the bank can assume that you accept the changes. 
(*) Only the joint account which is used for the payment will be excluded.


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