Üstü Kalsın Practise

​The formula for saving while shopping…​

On the second step of Maximum Saving Campaign, İşbank introduces a brand new service in Turkey: Üstü Kalsın ®. Anyone with İşbank credit card and investment account will enjoy making savings while shopping with their credit cards.

By means of Üstü Kalsın ®, we will round up your credit card balance to your predetermined rounding amount, transfer the amount in excess of your credit card balance to your investment account, and buy 824 İş Asset Management Maximum Card Short-Term Debt Instruments Fund shares depending on their minimum purchase amount .

All you need to do for starting saving without changing your shopping habits is to give your credit card Üstü Kalsın ® order. To give Üstü Kalsın ® order, select your İşbank credit card, choose between the rounding alternatives of “Round Up To 50” or “Round Up To 100”, and pick the investment account into which we shall be buying mutual fund shares.

You can sign up for Üstü Kalsın ® from our Branches, via our Internet Banking or by telephone at 0 850 724 0 724.

If you wish to give Üstü Kalsın ® order via 0 850 724 0 724, please read the Terms & Conditions of Üstü Kalsın ® Sign-Up.

Üstü Kalsın ® functions as follows;

Provided that your total debt on the statement for the current month is TL 330 and your preferred Rounding Amount is “Round Up To 50”, your credit card balance will be calculated as TL 350, and the rounded-up difference of TL 20 will be transferred on the payment due date to your investment account to buy money market fund shares automatically on your behalf. If your Rounding Amount were “Round Up To 100”, your credit card balance would be calculated as TL 400, and the rounded-up difference of TL 70 would be transferred to your investment account on the due date for buying mutual fund shares.

This privileged service enabling saving after monthly shopping is introduced only to holders of Maximum Card by İşbank, a pioneer in Turkey’s banking industry.

Üstü Kalsın ® round-ups will be invested in 824 Maximum Card Type-B Short Term Bills and Bonds Fund. Mutual fund share values will fluctuate with changes in market conditions as well as the investment objective of the fund. Shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. The Bank reserves the right to change the type of fund into which Üstü Kalsın ® round-ups shall be invested.


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