Rent Payment Service Package

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How to give a payment order?

​Paying and collecting your rent regularly through İşbank has become even easier. A service that will please both tenants and landlords: Rent Payment Service Package!

In accordance with the Income Tax General Communiqué No. 268, as of November 1st 2008, landlords and tenants must collect/pay rental payments of

any residence with a monthly rental equal to or exceeding TL500; or
any immovable leased as offices

through banks or the General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, there is an option for you in İşbank.


Do not pay any fees for your regular money transfer/EFT orders to your TRY current account for your rental payments.
The account maintenance fee will not be charged from your TRY current account which you transfer your rental payments.
Your rental payments shall be included in the scope of SOS-Unlimited Automatic Service order.


Do not pay any account maintenance fee for your TRY current account in which your rental income is collected regularly.
We shall inform you with SMS when your rental payment is transferred to your account.

You can give regular money transfer/ EFT order via our Internet Branch, Call Center at 0 850 724 0 724 or our branches in order to carry out your rental payment and collection in the scope of Rent Payment Service Package in an easy, quick and cost free way and so that you can save time and money while putting your rental payments into order.

1. Although the advantages provided to parties in the scope of Rent Payment Service Package are valid as long as the payment and collection transactions continue, Our Bank reserves the right to make changes about the conditions and validity period of the advantages.

2. The landlords must receive their rental payment via regular money transfer in order to benefit from the advantages provided within the package. Landlords who collect rental payments via regular EFT order cannot benefit from the advantages of the package.

3. SMS transmission regarding the notification of realization of rental payment will be sent to the mobile phone numbers of landlords registered as valid in our Bank database. It is in our customer’s responsibility to update missing and wrong phone numbers to prevent any problems in the notification via SMS.

4. Accounts to which any rent payment/collection is not made for two months in a row, will excluded from the package scope.

5. To include the rental payments in the scope of SOS (Unlimited Automatic Service) order, SOS order is required to be opened in the account of real person or building management

Anadolu Sigorta presents an offer for you in addition to the advantages of Rent Payment Service Package. You will feel safe with Housing Package Insurance of Anadolu Sigorta with the awareness that

if you are landlord, your home and assets within your home and
if you are a tenant, your assets in the leased house will be in protected.

You can visit the nearest branch of İşbank to take detailed information about Housing Package Insurance and other insurance services of Anadolu Sigorta and if you wish, you can have a policy issued in accordance with your needs.


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