Private School Payments

​If your child’s life is more important than everything for you and you do your best to make his/her school life the best. 

We as well want to ease the life for you; you can give “Automatic Payment Order” for the payments made for the school such as education, food, service and so that these costs are transferred to school account automatically on the payment day. 

If there is enough money for the payment, the short-amount or the full amount is covered by your Overdraft Account. 

You can deposit money to the nearest branch our Bank instead of going to education institution for ever month and so that you save road toll and time. 
You don’t have to deal with risky means such as check. 
You can take out monthly paid Education Loan with suitable conditions if you want to utilize from discount by paying education fee in cash. 
You can utilize from onetime payment or installment opportunity with your Maximum credit card if you demand to pay education fee with credit card.​


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