Money Transfer


Foreign Currency

You may transfer money between your accounts, transfer money into whichever account or person you want in İşbank or other banks, and give order for future dated thanks to widespread branch net and non-branch banking channels of İşbank.

While you give your offer, you may demand your transaction to be carried out;

Weekly or monthly periods for once or several times as you wish
On the day, between dates you determine, when your account balance is available
If your account is not available, by using your Overdraft Account as available amount,
In the event that the day you determine occurs at the same time as holiday, before holiday or after holiday as you wish
By taking your Overdraft Account into effect if your account balance is not available until the last day between two dates you determine each month.

Do you know?

Instead of transferring money, you may deposit money into any account in İşbank by using our Bankamatiks. 
EFT code of İşbank is 64.

Transferring Foreign Currency to İşbank
You may transfer foreign currency from anywhere of the world to İşbank

Through our abroad organization as on-line,
Via Swift, from our correspondents​


Transfers carried out through our abroad Organization and correspondents, reach our branches swiftly. 

Transfers carried out through our correspondents and containing information below reach receiver easier. 

Swift code of our bank: ISBKTRIS (Our branches also do not have Swift code).
CHIPS UID: 003546 (It is necessary for transfers from USA and it is used instead of Routing Code, ABA Number as well).
Name, surname and address of receiver should be written accurately.
If known, IBAN (International Bank Account Number) that has 26-digit and begins with TR, if not known, account number including branch code in which account of receiver (For Example: 1234-1234567) is or name and/or code of our branch that is closest to receiver.​

Transferring Foreign Currency from İşbank

From all of our branches within working hours and via Instant Banking services; you may carry out foreign current transfer to domestic and foreign banks via our Internet Branch or Call Centers for 7 days in 24 hours. 

When transferring money to European countries, you should inform your branch about IBAN (International Bank Account Number) belonging to receiver or write in the relevant gap on Internet Branch. By doing so, your transfer will reach its receiver in much shorter time and with less deduction. 

You prefer make out a check instead of transferring money in case amount to be sent abroad is low or in cases that requires net payment to receiver such as subscribe fee, school fee.​


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