Mobile Stock Trading

The new İşCep Mobile Stock Trading!​

İşCep Mobile Stock Trading (İşCep Mobil Borsa), offering real time prices free of charge, is now more powerful with the brand new Technical Analysis feature that provides target prices for the stocks on Borsa Istanbul!

mobile stock trading

Via İşCep, you can easily carry out banking and stock exchange transactions in one application.

You may now use Mobil Borsa without logging in to İşCep. İşCep landing page allows you to use Mobil Borsa with real time prices and all day long session time without requiring customer login.

Mobil Borsa provides all information ranging from news to financial reports you could need for investment decisions in stock exchange. Customers who have Borsa Istanbul Level I+ or Level II data licences providing the depth and volume information) can also use the relevant licence through IsCep Mobil Borsa.

İşCep Mobil Borsa is also available for all foreign IsCep users in Turkey. You may use İşCep Mobil Borsa with the smartphones using IOS (9.0 or higher) and Android (4.1 or higher).

Technical Analysis

İşCep Mobile Stock Trading’s Technical Analysis tool allows you to compare your investment decisions with Autochartist’s forecast prices!

technical analysis

İşCep Mobile Stock Trading (Mobil Borsa) is stacked with Technical Analysis provided by Autochartist, an award-winning provider of financial market analysis, allowing you to view forecast prices for the stocks on Borsa Istanbul. Işbank stands out as the first Turkish financial institution to provide Autochartist to customers directly on mobile.
Technical Analysis tool provided by Autochartist is available for all İşCep Mobil Borsa users free of charge. You can access the Technical Analysis tab through Mobil Borsa under Investments menu in İşCep. Mobil Borsa is available for all foreign İşCep users in Turkey. Mobil Borsa also available in English.

Technical Analysis User Manual


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