Maximum TEMA Card

​A card for those who would like to contribute to the preservation of our natural assets with the shopping they do: Maximum TEMA Card!

Card Features

Maximum TEMA Card is at the same time the Maximum Gold Card and as such it ensures that you take advantage of all the opportunities and privileges offered by Maximum without making any sacrifices on your part.
By means of Maximum TEMA Card you can shop at more than 200,000 Maximum member business establishments on installment basis and as such you can have what you need and pay conveniently in installments. Furthermore, you can earn Maxi Points from the shopping you do and redeem these points against any further shopping you might do at member establishments.
Maximum TEMA Card is valid at all sales points displaying MasterCard logo both in the country and abroad. You will also be earning maxi points from the shopping you do. When you use your Maximum TEMA Card abroad, your purchases will be reflected in TL to your account statement making it possible for you to follow your overseas purchases conveniently together with the domestic ones. 
Moreover, your Maximum TEMA Card is ready to assist you 7 days / 24 hours whenever you are in need of cash.  If you wish, you can make cash advance withdrawals by using your Maximum TEMA Card, or choose to make your repayments conveniently in installments in terms extending up to 18 months when you choose to benefit from our installment basis cash advance service. It will also be possible for you to have access to your current account through Bankamatik Machines and perform transactions such as money withdrawals, deposits and many more by using your Maximum TEMA Card in place of your Bankamatik Card.
You can help preserve nature by choosing to receive account statements pertaining to your Maximum TEMA Card via e-mail.
Please click​ here​ to see all the features and privileges offered by your Maximum TEMA Card.
To acquire a Maximum TEMA Card that would help you live your life to the maximum click here, or make your application at our Internet Banking Branch, Telephone Banking Branch via 0850 724 0 724 numbered phone, our Bankamatik Machines, or the nearest branch available. Moreover you can relay your application by means of an SMS sent to 4402 by entering “TEMA” space your “Turkish ID Number”.
Nature Friendly “Maximum TEMA Card”

Every good deed starts by preventing a tree from being cut down
Every year on average 13 million hectares of forested area is destroyed across the world. It is approximately equal to the surface area of Central Anatolia region. Only in Turkey, every year, on average 743 million tons of soil is irrevocably lost due to erosion. Protection and reforestation of forests that primarily combat the negative effects of global warming, climate changes, erosion and desertification carries great importance.
As İşbank, we contributed 2 million 205 thousand saplings to “81 forests in 81 cities” project as part of the forestation efforts in our country together with the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs and TEMA Foundation. By using your Maximum TEMA Card in your purchases, you can lend support to the work conducted by TEMA Foundation in preserving nature.
TEMA Foundation is a non-profit organization that protects and preserves the soil that gives life, water needed by all living beings, forests housing millions of living beings besides producing oxygen as an indispensable part of life and eco-systems hosting animate and inanimate objects. The foundation aims to increase societal awareness and sensitivity in regards to the preservation of natural assets. Foundation carries out its activities with the support of volunteers and institutions and entities sensitive to the subject. Maximum TEMA Card is a nature friendly credit card that serves the preservation of natural life through its users that are sensitive to the subject and wish to support TEMA Foundation.
Nature Friendly “Maximum TEMA Card”: Shopping in its most natural form!
Each purchase you make by using TEMA Maximum Card ensures your contribution to the struggle that TEMA Foundation wages for the produce of our soil. Moreover, in your purchases, you can take advantage of all the campaigns and privileges offered by Maximum Card. 
While contributing to the preservation of our natural assets and soil you can benefit from installment sales in purchases you make from establishments that are members of Maximum Credit Card and earn Maxi Points as well. Moreover, you can earn extra Maxi Points by taking advantage of the campaigns that take place every month.
İşbank contributes to TEMA Foundation over any purchases you make with the card

İşbank will be contributing to the funds of TEMA Foundation over all the purchases you make by means of Maximum TEMA Card. As such you will continue to benefit from the opportunities and advantages offered by Maximum Card without any concessions on your part, while being able to support the activities of TEMA Foundation.
Maximum TEMA Card is made of recycled material
Maximum TEMA Card is manufactured from recycled material that is not harmful to the environment. The printed material is prepared from paper that is obtained from manufacturers in possession of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. This feature prescribes the raw material used in the manufacturing of paper to be acquired under control, through legal means, without causing damage to the environment and ecologic life.


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