Maximum Aidatsız Card

​For the customers who prefer not to pay annual fee: Maximum Aidatsız Card!​

Card Features

With Maximum Aidatsız Card, you can earn MaxiPoints on purchases at Maximum member merchants at which you can also redeem your MaxiPoints or pay with installments.

With Maximum Aidatsız Card:

You will not pay any annual fee, 
You can benefit from MaxiPoint rewards or pay with installments offered by Maximum member merchants, 
You can access to your checking account and perform banking operations as if it is a Bankamatik Card, if your account is related with your credit card, 
You can either defer or postpone single payments above 50 TL, 
You can add more installments to your payments with installment which are based by Maximum member merchants and above 50 TL,  
You can withdraw cash in advance or benefit from “cash advance with installment” service and pay it back within 5 to12 months. 
If you wish, you can also apply for supplementary card.

You can make your card application at our branches or simply write “AIDATSIZ” space your “Republic of Turkey Identification Number (TCKN)” or “Foreign Identification Number” to apply for Maximum Aidatsız Card and send it to 4402 via SMS.

Important Reminders:

Maximum Aidatsız Card owners benefit from basic features offered by Maximum member merchants without paying any annual fee except those from below.

With Maximum Aidatsız Card you will not benefit from:

Additional MaxiPoints from non-Maximum member merchants (in both domestic or international purchases), 
Additional installments or postpone installed payments campaigns, 
Discount campaigns, 
Gift products, 
Additional MaxiPoint campaigns, 
Valet service discount at Kanyon Shopping Mall, 
Contactless payment feature.

Features listed above and more are available for our other credit cards.


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