Maximiles Select Card

​To enjoy exclusivity in your travels...​

Card Features

Maximiles Select is a credit card designed to veer from routine and to ensure convenient flights. With this card you wouldn’t need to meet the targets or deal with flight tables, and your destinations as well as the cost of reaching that destination will be totally up to you.

The most important difference distinguishing Maximiles from other air miles cards is the lack of regional and passenger quotas and the privilege of paying your air fare in air miles corresponding to the cost of the fare. You earn Maxi Miles from each purchase you make by using Maximiles Card. You can redeem the Maxi Miles you earn against domestic flights on one to one basis and against international flights at 1,5 to 2 times the worth of the air miles collected.

Moreover, Maximiles is not just an air miles card. By using your Maximiles Card you can withdraw cash advances, have the cash advance withdrawn based on installments, perform all types of banking transactions ranging from investment account transactions to money transfers and also benefit from points, installments and discount advantages offered by Maximum Cards thanks to the Maximum features of this card.

Maximiles is accepted at all sales points displaying VISA / MasterCard Logo both in the country and abroad. When you use your Maximiles Card abroad;

 If your card is a MasterCard, your purchases are reflected to your account statement in TL making it possible for you to follow your overseas purchases conveniently together with the domestic ones,
 If your card is a Visa Card, then a limit either in USD or EUR, based on choice, would be allocated and you are informed of your purchases made abroad by means of a separate account statement drawn up on the basis of the foreign currency limit of your card. As such you will be able to pay for the purchases you make abroad over the total outstanding in foreign currency.

By using Maximiles Card you can have access to your current account from all available Bankamatik machines and be able to perform many banking transactions such as money withdrawals, deposits and more by using Maximiles Card in place of your Bankamatik Card. 
It is designed to help you acquire impressions from all over the world.​


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