Lease Certificates (Sukuk)

​Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury guaranteed Rent Income​

​Lease Certificates are securities that are issued by the Undersecretariat of Treasury Asset Leasing Company (UTALC) in order to finance the assets acquired or leased. This certificates  entitles its holders to the revenues generated from such assets in proportion to their shares.
Lease certificates are periodic rent-payment securities.Investors willing to benefit from their investments in medium and long term and generate rent income can invest in these securities.
Since they are traded at Borsa İstanbul, they can be converted into cash before its maturity date through secondary market transactions.You can buy and sell the Lease Certificates in Turkish Lira from our Bank’s Internet Branch, our Telephone Branch at 0850 724 0 724 and from Bankamatiks 24 hours or from all our Branches within the working hours in accordance with the market conditions.You can find our daily interest rates and prices in the “Prices and Rates” section on our Website. You can receive further information related to Lease Certificates from the “Information for Investors” section on


Income generated from Lease Certificates is:
Income generated from the buying and selling of lease certificate and rent payment for limited taxpayer natural persons is subject to 10% income tax withholding.
You can receive further information related to taxation from the Tax Manual​.​


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