Is Bank Debt Instruments

​Debt securities of various types and terms issued by our Bank are offered to our customers as an alternative among fixed income financial instruments.​

​İşbank Bills and Bonds

The features of İşbank Bonds and Bills are as follows:
They are issued with an additional return (spread) over Government Bond and Treasury Bills. 
They may be issued as zero-coupon or coupon-bearing bonds.
They are traded in the secondary market after their issuance and they can be bought and sold through the Investment Accounts of our Bank.
They are priced by our bank regarding current market conditions, and can be sold any time before the maturity date of the security.
You can find our daily buying and selling rates and prices in the “Prices and Rates” section on our Web Site.
Investors willing to participate in İşbank Bonds and Bills public offerings can place their orders through all İşBank Branches, Internet Branch or Call Center at  0850 724 0 724.

Income generated from İşbank Bonds and Bills is:
Subject to withholding tax at the rate of 10% for real persons. They are taxed at an equal rate with Government Bonds and Treasury Bills.
Subject to 0% withholding tax for stock corporations and investment trusts and mutual funds.
You can receive further information related to taxation from the Tax Manual.


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